World War II Arthur Bondar Collection


WWII / ABC is a digital archive that was founded by Arthur Bondar, photographer, publisher and collector, since 2016. Arthur dedicated himself to preserving and sharing this valuable collection. He has spent years scouring flea markets, estate sales, and forgotten archives around the world in search of hidden treasures that could shed new light on the war. He meticulously restored each photograph, bringing the vanishing images back to life.

This collection of previously unknown visual evidence of WWII brings together photographs taken on different sides of the front by professional and amateur photographers, military and civilian, revealing a glimpse into the war that had shaped the world.

Through the lens of these photographs, a fresh perspective emerges, enriching the world's understanding of World War II and the people whose lives were forever altered by its relentless grip. Some photos have an author and a description which can be used to tell when and by whom they were taken, while others can only be guessed. Each frame seemed to unveil the untold narratives of those who fought, suffered, and triumphed during those tumultuous years. From the haunting faces of the fighters to the quiet determination of civilians in occupied territories, the photographs revealed the human side of the war. 

The collection painted a vivid picture of the war, providing a visual chronicle of events, and creating a portal into a forgotten era. Through exhibitions, books, and digital archive, Arthur ensured that these photographs would no longer remain hidden, and give everyone an opportunity to look at such a huge human tragedy as World War II from different perspectives.

The collection is a testament to the power of images, capable of illuminating history's hidden corners and reminding us about the terrible side of any war that cannot be ignored.


Photographs from WWII / Arthur Bondar Collection are represented in permanent and temporary collections of various institutions worldwide, such as the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk, the Topography of Terror Museum in Berlin, the Berlin Stadtmuseum, the Copper Museum in Legnica and others.

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